The Dog Files

"Your Dog is Very Cute"

A research intitiative of The Institute for the Study of Perpetual Emotion

This research is primarily concerned with the emotional relays between dogs and their human friends. The research is ongoing and will attempt to collect a sizeable database from which a proper analysis will be possible. One of our missions is to map this relay of emotion onto as many geographical spaces as possible.

We welcome your contribution to the database of dog files.

Here are a few simple rules to keep in mind.

The Rules: after Douglas Huebler
1. The dog must not be your own.
2. Say this. "Your dog is very cute"
3. Immediately after saying this, take the photo.
4. Record the dog's name as well as the person.
3. State clearly where and when the photo was taken.

Upload pictures of people and their dogs and become part of the Study

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